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The Epic Skyrim Game Giveaway: the Resultsening

The results from the Skyrim Comments Game Giveaway. Also, for those that are considering following this blog, the game giveaway is going to become a monthly staple. It will be for a $10 game (not two), so make sure you follow my Twitter feed or check me out on Facebook. There’s free games for the takin’!

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Building a small form factor PC – photo gallery

I’ve mentioned recently that I was going to build a small form factor PC, and yesterday was the day. All the components had arrived, the stars were in alignment, and unfortunately it was 31 degrees in my kitchen. The whole build took me about 2 – 2.5 hours. You pretty much only need time, patience, and a screwdriver with a Philips bit.

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Giant Bomb clarifies Bill S.978

If you’d heard about this Bill S.978 and watched a few horrified pleas by Youtubers, you’d have thought all internet videos were about to become illegal.

This is not true.

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I like big guns, I cannot lie

If you’ve played video games for a while, you’ve probably shot a whole lot of people. In-game, I mean. And each of those weapons you’ve used brings a little something different to the table...

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the top 10 great decisions game designers make

I admire great design just like every gamer. Sometimes the little things that are actually huge advances get overlooked because before long, all games have implemented that same great idea. Eventually it becomes an expected design decision. At that point, its unthinkable that any game would do it differently.