10 things about Skyrim that might suck


I like games,both video and board. My tastes in video games run mostly to RPGs, and strategy games. I enjoy reading sci-fi and mystery novels and anything with a bit of noir or hard-boiled feel to it. I claim to be able to play piano, trumpet and guitar, but these claims are mostly exaggeration.

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  1. flem says:

    Great article. You bring up some valid concerns. Some additions;

    Ugly NPC: Bethesda seems to have always struggled with NPC faces. The systems they have used are interesting and fun, but man they make for some butt ugly NPCs! Some of the images so far seem to suggest they continue with their struggle, but there have been some minor improvements.

    Comical Death scenes: Their physics do some really strange crap. When does a sword behave like an explosion and sends that baddy flying 30 feet in the air with their arms and legs flinging everywhere? It’s the strangest crap. They need to work on some gravity control or better kill animations or something.

    Monster Cloning: The giants look and sound like a super awesome idea. Funny how they are all cloned so far. They all really like to rip out trees for clubs. What about boulders? Or giant spears? Or Pine trees? I hope they add variety.

    I’m still gonna buy it though. :)

    • Oliver says:

      Yeah, I’ll buy it too. 😛

      Thanks for your comments. I totally agree with your point on the gravity system. I was going to add that, but thought the article was already long enough. They might still have issues with that, if you notice how the giant flies through the air when the dragon picks him up in the vid. I’d personally like to see him flailing his arms a bit as opposed to looking like he’s standing in line waiting for movie tickets.

      Sorry to break it to you, but they’ve said there won’t be spears in the game, at least not for players. The giant might have ’em though, that’d be cool.

  2. Phillip says:

    Don’t forget the armor system, which I think is the same as Oblivions. I really wished they would have made a return to form (morrowind) with the armor system, lol. But I guess that could fall under streamlining.

    • Oliver says:

      Yeah, I’m more of a fan of multiple pieces as well. Maybe this will be better?

      • Matthew says:

        Nope, their making it like fallout so you pretty much just have a helmet and an outfit :/ And they have given less freedom in the character building and less skill wise. I’m not too happy about it :/

      • joe says:

        Its only the cuirass and the greaves thats have been “streamlined”. There are still gauntlets, helm, and boots to mix and match however you please

  3. Grambo33 says:

    To be honest, I was a little unimpressed with the dragon animations on the E3 demos. I think leaving them unscripted could prove to be dangerous. I’d take a variety of scripted and well animated dragons (fat ones, slow ones, monster ones) over a few that fly around in a the exact same choppy manner. It could get old fast.

  4. lMHl says:

    they have had ages to work on this game im sure it will live up to my expectations

  5. Deco says:

    I disagree with the point about the skills. The skills are acting more like attributes now, each with their own skill (perk) tree. To me, that seems like more customization than any previous TES game.

    • Oliver says:

      I gotta say, I’m pretty excited about the perks system being integrated into an Elder Scrolls game. That was my favourite part of F:NV for sure.

      I’m going to have to do more reading on the skills and how they work – I think I got the wrong idea about them from what I’ve read up till now. If they each have their own perk tree, that’s actually pretty cool – I didn’t realize that.

  6. Jake says:

    Great article! Especially the poignant last few lines.

    I’m pants-wettingly excited for Skyrim but in a general sense. I’m trying to think about it the way Toddy seems to be – this is its own games that will give different things to the previous entries.

    There will be things I’ll miss, and hopefully many more I enjoy.

    I just made the mental shift to not expect another Oblivion but with a total spit shine.

  7. Johnny Bravo says:

    stupid crybaby….

  8. Elias says:

    Decent article overall.
    I was worried about the armorsystem at first but when I heard why I was pretty much ok with that.
    The menus would have to be the biggest potential problem imo.
    This whole streamlining thing is fine aslong as it’s still a long and immersive game, with shitloads of replayability ofc.

  9. Joom says:

    You make some good points man. Sorry you got trolled to hell by n4g though.

    • Oliver says:

      Ahh, what’re you gonna do?

      I don’t care if they don’t agree, or even get pissed. Just read the damn article and make a valid point. I won’t argue if they think I’m wrong. But such is teh internets. 😛

  10. Gregg says:

    Where’s my inventory comparison info?

    From the interview that was shown recently, he said that this was not the final version of the inventory, and that inventory comparison would likely be in when the game was released.

    • Oliver says:

      That is awesome news. It’s a big deal, more than a lot of people probably think. Anything to limit the amount of wading through your inventory you have to do in games like this. I’d have hundreds of items on me in Oblivion all the time, so less inventory = WIN.

      • Bahahah says:

        No. It wasn’t a big deal.

        If you can’t be bothered to look at numbers and determine for yourself that one piece of armor or weapon is stronger or weaker than the other, then you’re probably the laziest gamer ever.

        And, no. You didn’t have hundreds of pieces of armor on your character. Even if that was the case, it would’ve been the same level armor anyways which makes your crying about the lack of holding your hand interface even more sad.

        Don’t worry, Oliver. I’m sure somebody will make a game more your speed eventually. Just place the game into your PC and *poof* you win!

  11. mantas says:

    Another reason to this list: “It won’t be as hard as Dark Souls”

  12. Deltace says:

    I like how everyone in this thread/article is mature on debates. Something you hardly find anymore, haha. Agree with a lot of the stuff mentioned above. NPC’s usually stare at you with those cold eyes like you have horns and a 666 mark scratched into your head. But I think they are getting closer and closer to being better at it. I’m positive the game will have stuff everyones dissapointed in, can’t help that though, can’t appease every fan out their. I was so sad when I found out they took out the ability to cast a spell that conjured X amount of various creatures of your choosing when they made Oblivion. But overall, just like with Oblivion, I think everyone will be happy with this new game that they have been working hard on for years. Dear god though, one thing that is a must fix is spells, don’t get me wrong, magic is one of my favorite parts about Oblivion / The Elder Scrolls , but when you stare at the same 3 Destruction spells for 5 years, it may get old haha. Great article, good points by the author and everyone else.

  13. Ethan says:

    I agree with all of the things you said. But on the mini map solution, if you watched the E3 video at G4 it shows that he has a spell that makes a path to the quest. Kinda like Fable 2 or 3. So I don’t think you’ll need a mini map any more. I think it will add more game play adventure to it because you don’t get to see the place mapped out constantly with a mini map.

    I think they are taking a lot of stuff from Fable, which I don’t really mind, hopefully they do a good job of it.

    • FreelancerD says:

      While the path finding spell does save one a lot of hassle, it can also potentially give the game more restriction. Personally, I consider it fun just to jump down from a hill to take a shortcut. Not that I intend to hurt myself or anything. But man, it’s a sandbox game, you gotta make to a dungeon in your own style. 😉

  14. marcin388 says:

    I agree that bethesda was crap at making faces but when i’ve seen videos of Skyrim I really liked those new faces, very big improvement.
    Gravity system: as long as only good magic weapons or something will make enemies fly I’m fine with that, but I don’t want some cheap knife to blow enemies away.
    I agree that without minimap it’s easy to get lost, so I hope that they will add a minimap with the compass.
    And I love those finishing moves! 😀

  15. Michael says:

    This kind of stupid posts should not even be considered.
    They only lead to verbal wars among fans and other players.

    I kind of get the feeling that sites like this want to try to affect the sales of games (not only skyrim/bethedas games).

    In my opinion, this was a childish and stupid post. With the only purpose of making people argue…
    I don’t think any of these kind of posts will affect the sales of this particular game though.
    TES is very popular and Bethesda allways make them… hmmm what’s the word? Epic!?

    • Oliver says:

      That’s your opinion and you’ve got every right to post it. Was I trying to incite verbal wars among fans? No way. I figure those are going to happen whether or not I post this article.

      Sometimes you need to listen to a dissenting opinion otherwise games won’t improve. Oblivion was great. Could it have been better? Sure – mods have proved that countless times. Bethesda’s sales – and no other games’ sales – are going to be affected by my posts. I’m trying to get people thinking about the game, talking about what was good and especially what was bad about the previous ones. Discussing the bad will hopefully keep the things we really disliked out of Skyrim.

      For me, the thing I hated most about Oblivion was the fact that no place in the world felt truly unique due to the generated content. I didn’t add it to the article because Todd Howard specifically said they have a team of artists and designers customizing every facet of the world. So yeah, I’m sure it’s going to be epic.

      As for you thinking it’s stupid, there’s plenty of comments on here that agree with at least some of the points I’ve made. So I don’t think it was stupid, no.

  16. Adam we_ _ says:

    inventory comparison? why not just read the armor/damage rating?

  17. Ken says:

    these are very good concerns and very valid points but we should all remember that bethesda has always somehow made a game that has something that everyone will like and for that we buy regaurdless of the small flaws in the game. i, personally, enjoyed every bit of oblivion and morrowind i only noticed the flaws when i read about them on sites such as this one…. what im saying is that we should be faithful in bethesda and motivate them to make a bigger and better game.

  18. Jeremy says:

    I hope they make the finishing moves optional, because I don’t want to get stuck watching myself annihilate a wolf while 3 ogres casually bash into me. Had some issues with that in Fallout. Don’t get me wrong, I like finishing moves, but not if I end up dying because I’m forced to watch it.

  19. Iago says:

    Im happy i read this, and ty for posting this too. I was hyped…i even dreamed about his game (tht happens sometimes when im too hyped lol). I did rage a bit when i read the title lol, but you’re right. Id rather not be so happy with the game than to be and rage. Once again ty for posting this =).

  20. caleb says:

    Sorry, But i disagree knowing that the game has not yet been released yet. There is still months to go and “months” is in fact a lot of days. The game can improve tremendously. Knowing bethesda and there previous games such as fallout 3 and oblivion, i’m a 100% sure that the graphics and world would be perfect. Though you brought in some interesting facts, but look at it this way ” Have you ever seen a game like Skyrim”, i sure haven’t.I’m sure you have played oblivion and it was very fun even though it had a lot of flaws. Like for example, you cant sprint, you walk backwards to fast, you jump like you have a carrot up your @$$, the game felt like you was on the moon men, and even the combat sucked.You do the same thing, the same block and slash. After all this and im not saying thats all of it, but after all this oblivion still made the game of the year and i fcking love it.The inventory comparision has not been finish, that is the demo version. Bethesda is not done with the game. The skills might be lesser, but at least they got some new skills.

  21. Aaron says:

    Man, I have to say I’m going to be really dissapointed if they take out even more weapon types(I was incredibly pissed when they took out crossbows for oblivion, I like modded guns damnit and I don’t care if people don’t buy the story that they were made by the dwemer). But seriously, crossbows are awesome for your badass stealth character, hell I’d even like an expansion on it to include hand crossbows.

    I also hope they don’t go overboard on finishing moves; I can’t tell you how many games of Fable 3 where I’ve spazzed out after getting stuck in a slow-mow, only to be mowed down by the 3 balverines who are apparently unaffected by this temporal distortion on my character.

    I really am looking foward to the perks though, and their presentation in this kind of astralogical chart. I also can’t wait for the ability to customize your characters bodyshape(finally, no more creating custom races to have a dark elf that is 4 inches taller or shorter than the average dark elf!!!).

  22. Bruno says:

    How can anyone think that passing from 21 skills + no perks to 18 skills + tons of perks is dumbing down?

  23. Mb says:

    Not bad, only thing I disagree with is Skyrim running like crap (I don’t think it will). Definitely better than those stupid RPG codex people who say that the game will definitely be shitty and no one will play it (LOL!!). I agree with it being stupid that they removed attributes and birthsigns, but their removal is definitely not going to make me love this game any less.

  24. Dan says:

    Quite honestly, I don’t see the point in this kind of article existing anymore. I mean, I did, up until I actually read it, everything was going great, until I saw the line “And I’m sold, really. I’ll buy it.”
    Then, right after that, I scroll down to the comments and I see at least two more people state that it is a definite buy, and that’s when I realized that no matter what, despite all the short-comings on its presentation, all the outright lies Bethesda told in the past and in total vision of the intricate mechanisms of the hype machine, Skyrim will definitely be GOTY.
    So, why pretend there is something wrong with it? Skyrim will be perfect, it will debut to perfect scores and all of you will buy it, it will make millions and everything is perfect with Elder Scrolls, Bethesda inc. and the Game Industry. At least for a couple of years, just like it was in Oblivion, which is exactly when Bethsoft will announce another game in the series and all of the major gaming journals will receive the green light into making the criticism toward Skyrim part of its main articles so that we may be properly hyped for the next game. Just like it was with Oblivion.
    So, why pretend that Skyrim won’t “be pure sex”? Why pretend that we care about its flaws? Why hold it to any high standards when they are selling us something we already bought and paid for and even gave it to our friends who comment on why it will rock?

  25. Marx says:

    I agree with most of your points, but the third person WILL be better. They have realized their past mistakes with that, and if you pay attention, it’s clearly a lot better. Instead of gliding along the ground, each step matches the height of wherever the foot will go. Not sure what that’s called.

  26. Greg says:

    Bravo sir, bravo.

    You threw your worst at me and I still think I’ll enjoy the game. You satisfied my reason for searching for this. Bravo.

  27. MEEEEE says:

    I see you have done no research or watched any interviews

  28. Incesticide says:

    they take out certain things to add in graphical effects, and because they develop for the 360 first they put it all on one disc and take out features like more skills, etc. so basically you can thank the 360

  29. The Avatar says:

    I agree to most of the points – funnily enough when discussing the game with friends we pointed out the very same problems you mention here.
    The one thing I do not get is the six-months-before-release-hype-is-shit-thing. Do you remember when they anounced Warcraft 3? A six month hype would have been nice there. And I do not even see the hype really. Okay, there are those interviews of “well, we’re always trying to be the best game designers in the world” and those idiots on amazon “5/5 stars” even before the game is out. But a real hype looks different. Reason might be that I live in Europe.

    What bothers me most is the decrease of skills. Heck, in Daggerfall they even had Languages with a pretty neat effect. Where are those? Where is climbing (and don’t you tell me it is impossible in modern games) and where are the thousand skills for every single weapon? One step forward, two steps back.

    Oh, what are your thoughts on marriage by the way?

    Nonetheless, to answer your question (the rhetorical one): No, you are not being too cynical. You are right. With that said: Great article, really ~_^

  30. Axem says:

    My biggest problem with Bethesda is the level-scaling. I totally agree with you and for me it kills every game I’ve played from them.

    I think it’s a cheap way to keep the content relevant. Having played MMO’s(Everquest being one), old school RPGs(Baldur’s Gate anyone?), level-scaling didn’t exist in those games and they managed to keep the content relevant at any point in the game. Having some monsters that are unkillable at level 1 and being able to finally kill one at a certain level was rewarding.

    I don’t see how there is any fun in entering a dungeon at level 30 and facing a Skeleton Warlord Champion and having as much trouble to kill it as you did at level 2, killing plain Skeletons. I think it kills the Role Playing aspect and it removes the progression feeling you find in most RPGs.

    I’d really like to know why they choose level-scaling, instead of splitting the world with higher and lower level zones. Cost? Time? Laziness? All of the above ?

  31. YES!!!! says:

    FINALLY someone gets it, I heard alot about this freaking game, and I believe that Hype > Reality. It’s like Hardcore Call of Duty players raving about YET ANOTHER rehash. This game is being hyped and it’s most likely going to suck.

  32. Michael Miller Jr says:

    You have the right idea in all of these points, but one thing I noticed while reading, is that a good many of these problems aren’t specific to Skyrim, but to the Western RPG genre itself. You know, scaling back to “stream line”. I hope someone can find the balance where a game is simple to get into, and then has a level of complexity that unfolds through playtime.

  33. blah blah says:

    My expectations are the same as they were for Oblivion. I’ll start playing, get amazed by how good the game looks. Then start wandering off into the free-form world and realize how lacking and empty each dungeon is. How none of them really have a story or point to existing. They’re just set pieces to go wander around in for 5-10 minutes until you get bored and get back to questing. Eventually I’ll get sick of some aspect of the game, and either mod it or look for a mod. Then, I’ll finish the game with a yawn, as I realize as with Morrowind and Oblivon, while the scope and lore of the game is grandiose, the execution is really paltry (the Oblivion world was being invaded, but there was no sense of urgency, and the battles were so small-scale there was no sense of world-wide involvement). But, eventually I’ll come back to it a year later thinking the modding community has done something awesome with it. And then I’ll realize, just as with Morrowind and Oblivion, while the modding community has done great things to make the core game better (scaling, levelling, etc), there’s hardly any new quest mods worth playing, and most all mods revolve around sexy nekkid female bodies and scantily clad clothing for them. *yawn* But, I’m still going to buy the game. After I first buy a new computer some time in the future, and then wait for it to hit the bargain bin as a GOTY years later.

  34. Dungand says:

    I’m not gonna buy this crap.

    The gameplay looks just awfull and casualized for retarded consoles kiddy players. Look even worse than Oblivion, where everything was so simple and had really little features of an RPG. The skills simplification and stats removal just proof me that it’s gonna be a kid crap game, NOTHING of a good RPG.

  35. Josh says:

    Wow. You’re a damn prophet. Every one of your predictive concerns hit the nail on the head. Skrim released 3 days ago, and everything you listed is still broken. Except inventory management – your weight limit is low enough that you can not carry enough to make it hard to sift through. But it’s pretty amazing you already knew what all the other problems would be. My favorite two are the crappy 3rd person view – first person gives me a head ache, but you can’t pick-up anything or loot corpses unless you zoom in to 1st person. And the UI. The UI is unforgiveable – I still enjoy the game, but I already know the reason why I won’t be buying any DL content, the reason I won’t finish the game, and the reason I may try to take it back for a refund is the UI. I understand that the UI has to work with the limited control functions of consoles, but seriously, how hard is it to offer a key re-map feature? And only 8 preset keys for weapons and spells – I have a minimum of 4 basic weapons, and then 4 more for their best magical versions, then I have a bunch of spells, then I have powers AND shouts (which Bethesda linked both of to Z…) And is it really neccesary to have 4 differnet ways to exit a menu – with only one of those ways working on each menu. I mean, WTF, how many keys do I have to hit before I get the correct one to exit a given menu screen – some menus require ENTER, some require TAB, some require E, some require a mouse click on OK. WTF!?

  36. 2noobs says:

    Hello, i am rpg player and i have to say 3 words:

    S K Y R I M S U C K B A L L S

  37. Richard says:

    I wish I had read this before I bought this pile of rubbish.

    But then again I probably would have still bought it. This game is awful! (for pc)

    Almost everything you said was spot on.

    Over cynical? Try under cynical.

  38. High Plains Drifter says:

    Same shit different textures.

    I had a blast the first 3 days, then it dawned on me that ill never play it again.

    The world is tiny, ive seen it all already. No more exploring for me now, except for the odd shitty dungeon, which all look the same by the way. They are also amazingly dull, nothing that grabs you, no emotional response, no fear, just brightly lit areas to run around boosting ur skill levels.

    You just feel there’s nothing that grabs you, you get no feeling from the whole thing, no emotional content. It’s all very predictable and safe. You don’t care about the npc’s or there problems, rather you soon just want to hit them over the head for being so stupid, or too lazy to go get their own dog back etc etc.

    Ai = well who cares, there never going to produce believable human beings especially with voices, the big problem is they say the same shit over and over, and the majority you can’t even talk to anyway. Amazing. Better just to have text imo, at least you could start having some depth to them, as there is none in skyrim.

    Quests are awful, fetch a book but with voice actors asking you to. Once you do that you are crowned the god of the universe and the ai go back to staring at walls.

    Controls for PC are terrible, unresponsive, and half way through the tutorial dungeon i had almost maxed out my quick slots.

    Boring small world.

    Plus side, perks are cool, combat is better and magic is a lot better. But it’s the world that counts, and it’s crap.

  39. anyone says:

    i agreee now its released, this game is shit for all those reasons and not enjoyable to play on the PC at all. Oblivion was very good and i have wasted money on this crap because I enjoyed Oblivion. I’ve played for 2 hr and just can stand it, the game play is sort of ok, but the management of playing is totally shit. I also agree with a lot of the recent comments posted.

  40. deathclawomnomnom says:

    hmm… someone stole your sweet roll?

  41. Jack says:

    All the bugs and stuff like that I can handle, but the big problem is that this game is absolutely hollow and empty, like Skyrim.

    Yet another huge world with absolutely nothing of interest inside of it. Characters are terribly written, none of them feel real, you feel like the only real person in the whole game. You never come across one interesting character. You take hours for hours just getting to a location to find some useless item. Dont even get me started on the comeback. You clikc the right trigger, hit, try to back up, hit. Same with spells. How the thing down, back up, and hope your spell kills the thing before it hits you enough to kill you. Absolutely no skill involved.

    This is just another bethesda game. I had hopes for this because Fallout 3 was great, they seemed to fix or get lucky on a lot of issues from obvlivion. Now theyve relapsed to old mistakes.

    Anyway, #1 problem with this game, and every bethesda game, is that Todd Howard goes on and on about the big world where you can do anything, but he never once mentions, or seems to care about, characters, or actually having a REASON to do anything. What good is saving a world if theres no one you care about in that world, or no one real at all, for that matter?

    Its just such a lonely, empty feeling experience. There is no warmth or emotional involvement with anything happening.

  42. Averre says:


    *sigh* where to begin:

    Your carry limit is a start off at 300 lbs and increases as you level up. You obviously want to loot everything including the kitchen sink, which is fine but unnecessary.

    There are potions and enchantments that can increase your carry weight. Or you could just be practical and not grab everything that isn’t nailed down.

    Who plays a first-person game in third-person? Besides that, it’s a large improvement over Oblivion. Items can be picked up in third person, just because you have a problem with it does not equate to it being broken.

    UI is unforgivable? care to elaborate? The UI is far better than the clunky UI from Oblivion and for that matter so is the HUD.

    OK, so you enjoy it but you won’t finish it. Then you don’t really enjoy it after all and are just looking for something to complain about.

    The OP isn’t a ‘prophet’ and he not only missed the nail, the hammer has slipped from his hands and is now flying somewhere over Hoboken, NJ.

    -The UI is fine. If he wants a classic RPG then he should play one.

    -story is what matters in a RPG not how many skills he has, Acrobatics and Athletics were pointless anyways.

    -Level Scaling in Skyrim is hands down a huge improvement over Oblivion.

    -He is wrong about how it runs on the consoles. I don’t know wtf he has with slow motion kill moves but they’re hardly distracting and work well.

    -The compass is not “half-assed” and a minimap? really? you need that on top of a compass and Clairvoyance?

    -Inventory comparsion. Oops, looks like the prophet put his foot right into his mouth considering there is a inventory comparsion already in the game.

    -Screw the third person. Have you not played any TES games beyond Morrowind? You want third person? then play The Witcher or Mass Effect.

    Why should they fix what very few use? I’d rather they focus on what really needed fixing, which they did. Beyond that, the third person is far better than previous titles.

    Skyrim isn’t perfect, but they did what fans wanted them to do which was a vast improvement over Oblivion.

  43. lolhahahaha says:

    Yep, it does pretty much suck if you are a pc gamer, which is where this entire series came from, right? Graphics appear to be worse than Oblivion 6 years ago but definitely worse than modded Oblivion, may as well forget about using the mouse for anything other than looking around, worst interface/inventory system ive seen possibly ever, npcs are cookie cutter nothing like an RPG at all. This series gets dumbed down more and more with every release. At least with Morrowind and Oblivion the graphics were 100% better than the previous release, while dumbing down the actual game. This one has nothing Oh and its 60 bucks while is really no more than a console version of an expansion pack to Oblivion. What a POS. One less customer never buying another Bethesda product.

  44. Billy says:

    All your points are valid, skyrim is beautifully boring.

  45. T says:

    I loved building my character’s attributes, and making him have a personality. Now they are just like any NPC. Ugh! Back to Oblivion. Menu = TERRIBLE!

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